Some Danbooru 2 post uploading features removed?

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I noticed that I no longer see the ability to do the following before uploading an image:

1. See most recently used uploading tags

2. Provide a parent image number

Is this intentional? Forgive me if it's discussed or rationalized elsewhere, I didn't see it on the forum front page so I figured no one has mentioned it yet.

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  • So duplicate is informed directly after uploading if it exist ?

    This was the case before the upgrade to Danbooru 2. Using iqdb or clicking Find Similar on the Upload page is the way to check if the image already exists before uploading an image, but make sure to check file sizes too for inconsistencies--finding higher-res versions of an image means you can and should upload that image and then tag the already existing one as the child.

    Duplicates that are found post-upload just have the new tags applied to the already-uploaded image, and the system doesn't double-upload unless there's an image size (or possibly file extension) difference.

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