Ishikei(石恵)/Nise MIDI Doronokai(偽MIDI泥の会) works

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Are there people here interested in purchasing doujinshi by the group Nise MIDI Doronokai (tagged here under "ishikei")?
Being in Japan, I have access to a variety of their works, conditions being either near-mint or new. Depending on which works you are interested in, prices will range around $45.00USD, plus shipping.

As a non-Japanese fan of the artist myself, I know how incredibly difficult it is to find their works for sale outside of Japan.

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  • I apologize, I did not know. I would delete the topic but I can only find a way to delete the body text. I am not familiar with Danbooru's forum.

    If you happen to know where the right place to discuss this is, I would really appreciate knowing.

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