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Can't scroll left/right with arrow keys anymore?

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Due to the mapping of left/right arrow keys to move between pictures in tags or pools, I am no longer able to press the left/right arrow keys to scroll left and right for large images with widths that exceed that of my monitor. This means that I must use that scroll bar on the bottom which is cumbersome.

Is there a solution to this, like remapping the shortcut keys from left/right arrowkeys to other keys?

Updated by Type-kun

If you use Firefox, just go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> check "Use autoscrolling". With this enabled, you can click the middle wheel on a webpage and start moving your mouse in the direction you want. Windows has this option enabled by default, but you must turn it on in Linux.

Chrome in Windows also has autoscrolling enabled by default. In linux as far as I know, you have to install the Autoscrolling extension.

Having to use a userscript is not a very good answer for basic page functionality

Also with arrow navigation with multiple pools/searches on a page which one does it go by to default as it looks like its rather random which search term it'll bite on first