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*_(mondaiji-tachi_ga_isekai_kara_kuru_sou_desu_yo?) -> *_(mondaiji)

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Aliasing *_(mondaiji-tachi_ga_isekai_kara_kuru_sou_desu_yo?) -> *_(mondaiji)

Reason: Effecting tag length pruning, as well as posterity- affects not only kurousagi_(mondaiji-tachi_ga_isekai_kara_kuru_sou_desu_yo?) and shiroyasha_(mondaiji-tachi_ga_isekai_kara_kuru_sou_desu_yo?), but also any other future character tags in the mondaiji franchise that will need the suffix.

PS: First of such post so please bear with any incomprehensibility.

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