Tag alias: obentou -> bentou

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Obentou and bentou are pretty much the same word, obentou is just a more polite way to say it.
(At least that's what I remember about usage of "o" at the beginning of nouns in Japanese language, feel free to correct me if needed.)

Personally, I prefer to keep obentou as the tag's name simply to differentiate it further from ben-tou.


They ARE the same word, which is why they're aliased.

Copyright and general tags are already separated into different tag type headers in post view, there's no valid reason to differentiate it from ben-tou series any further. If it is the problem with possible wrong tagging due to the uploader's unawareness, then the current aliases should already be causing problem: 'bento' is aliased to 'obento', 'ben-to' is aliased to 'ben-tou'. However, those aliases haven't caused any problem so I don't think the situation will change.

Sal.N said:
They ARE the same word, which is why they're aliased.

That's exactly what I've said in my post. I'm just not sure about semantics side of using "o" as a prefix.

Both variations are widely used so I don't see much gain from this alias. That's why even such minor thing as similarity to ben-tou may be taken into the equation. Although I don't feel too strongly one way or the other.