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Recently trying to tag a few images I came across the artist tag hyottokoaki on a downloadsite, however checking Danbooru I checked up on some images and seems that there might be some artist tag confusion somewhere... exactly what images have this artist done? Did she/he did a joint work with some other artist? is the "hyottokoaki" tag really just a circle tag? Or are some of this artists names really the name of the same artist or something? So far I've found 5 different artist tag for these images... and it is very hard to find sources for them. Does anyone feel up to getting t9o the bottom of this?

Here are the five tags I've found:


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  • henmere said:

    ひょっとこあき (Hyottokoaki) is the name of a retired futaba channel user, who is best-known as the creator of countless “hyottoko fellatiophotoshopped images. In other words, this user is a コラ師/コラ職人 (photoshopped image creator) rather than an artist in the strict sense.
    It's rumored that Hyottokoaki is an alias/old name of a certain artist, but there is no clear evidence for this.

    Thanks... but that doesn't really answer my question about the five tags I mentioned above. Are they the same artist or something?

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