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Hi, I was hoping to get some advice regarding the priority of uploading the entirety of something vs. leaving out a page with a fairly bad scan artifact.

Basically, I found a short Patchouli_Knowledge doujin by Hebata. I think that the individual art is worth uploading. The scans are quite good for the most part, nice colouring, hi resolution. Except there's a two page spread that has an extremely noticeable seem running right down the middle of it.

So, if I upload the rest of the images, should I just leave that one out because it has the bad scanning element in it, or should I upload it just for the sake of completion? I was planning on uploading everything but the author's outgoing comments and the back page, both of which are just some text and no significant value overall. I was hoping to get some opinions on this before I did anything.


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  • Grahf said:
    Yeah, the second gallery would be what I was planning on. I was wondering why it wasn't uploaded in the first place actually. Is it prohibited, or not high enough quality?

    Generally speaking, uploading full doujins is discouraged. The simple guideline is:
    commercial manga - prohibited
    non-free doujins - not prohibited, but discouraged
    freeware doujins - usually allowed

    See Terms of Service and forum #80226 (particularly jxh2154's response) for more info.

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