Cleanup: Pool: Touhou - The Imperial Gensoukyou Army

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From the pointless pools thread:

Mysterio006 said:
pool #4107 - "Touhou - The Imperial Gensokyo Army"

Probably ok if it's culled down to the k step2009 set and it's imitators.

Can I get a mod's/admin's OK to clean up the pool?
AyaReiko just added a bunch of images (such as post #1404482) to it and I don't want to get into any tagging/pooling wars with him similar to the "Mages Guild" pool thing.

Updated by NWF Renim

I think of any image mimicking the style used in the original set. Main characteristics would be
white background
character name or title
mainly monochrome with spot color eyes / arm bands

Examples of imitations:
post #976204, post #974722, post #974454, post #1003906, post #967311. post #1010358, post #1021534, post #1028949 (?)

I'd also remove colored child posts of bisuke's images, since they are essentially duplicate entries in the pool and can be accessed via the parent post anyway.