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Slow mode body count question

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According to it's wiki, it should be tagged. (not a doll, not a painting, character is actually there)
Digging through old posts, i didn't find a specific answer.

However It seems opinion/intuition differs & thus doesn't get tagged consistently.

Sidenote, solo still applies to random faceless and is tagged much more often, thus is good for refining this sort of search.

chartags:1 sex - A large amount is 1girl + random faceless or floating part.
Sample of ~1200 posts
"1girl without 1boy" is tagged 731x
"1girl 1boy" is tagged 386x (note, includes some results where the guy is completely visible)
And 68 aren't tagged *girl(s)

Could be interesting:
chartags:1 sex solo +/- 1boy
hetero 1boy solo
faceless rating:e

As well as 1girl 1boy solo?

Personally, the face being cut-off vs faceless makes quite a difference. As well as the rating.
If someone searches for 1boy, would they want to find images with floating parts/hands/arms? Probably not
If someone blacklists it, would they want to hide those images? Maybe


Do we have a tag for penises/hands/legs/etc coming from offscreen, when the rest of the body isn't visible?

A tag like that would be helpful for things like this. It would also be helpful for tagging solo focus.

head out of frame sounded somewhat right at a glance, but it doesn't seem to be judging by its wiki definition.

MagicalAsparagus said:

A penis is not a boy, it should be tagged 1girl (or 1boy) solo_focus.

I agree.

MagicalAsparagus said:

Don't we have an out_of_frame tag?

Interesting. Unfortunately, it's not very well-populated, and also has no wiki definition. It also doesn't seem to be used consistently.

Maybe we could define it to be something like this:


When a part of a character's body (such as their hands, penis, or legs) is visible in the image, but their torso and head are not.

Note that these out of frame characters should not be counted as 1boy, 1girl, etc.

MagicalAsparagus said:

It's not a faceless randomguy, it's a character, right?

I think that might be the key, "if the character can be identified". But then again, we tag original/faceless males as 1boy if they are completely present in the picture.

This is to be used when only parts of a character are visible in an image, such as legs, arms, genitalia, whole lower part of the body. However, if most part of the body is visible (especially when it is possible to identify a character), then the image should should be tagged with both gender tags and out_of_frame.
Then we should create some reference to solo_focus, faceless_male, solo, 1girl, 1boy and *boy. We also have a head_out_of_frame tag. So in all these wikis there should be a link to all of the listed above.
update: just read the head_out_of_frame wiki. Then we should add something like "not to be confused with head_out_of_frame tag and explain why.

I think if you have somewhere around 1/3rd or more of the body shown, it should be considered as a person. The amount needed to be present can be debated on, I'm just shooting out a value off the top of my head. At minimum it should be enough to say it's more than a random detached arm, leg, or penis, and that it's a person present. Exceptions would be on faces, where if only the head is shown, particularly due to close-ups, should count as a person. This of course should probably bar things like decapitated heads without bodies, unless contextually there is something that would make them more than a lifeless "thing" in the image (character sticking head through a hole in the wall and making it look like they're a mounted head or something). There might be some other exceptions with other parts of the body under tags like close-up.

NWF_Renim said:

I think if you have somewhere around 1/3rd or more of the body shown, it should be considered as a person.

But I strongly oppose tagging cases like post #1390358. The left guy is almost half-visible, but it's still a random-legs-and-penis. I wonder how we can define that. Maybe give post examples or specify the cases of sex acts?

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