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Spinning this off from the pointless pool's thread (topic #8282) to allow for more discussion on whether to delete pool #6854 (Pool: Touhou - Morichika Rinnosuke's Words of Wisdom), retool it, or delete it and make a new pool to cover the proposed more general "Words of Wisdom" theme.

Explosion said (forum #87526):

pool #6854 Pool: Touhou - Morichika Rinnosuke's Words of Wisdom

I don't know about this one. It seems like too vague of a concept being applied to too specific of a situation/character.

Maybe it could be broadened to a general "Words of Wisdom" pool? If it's a valid pool concept I'd recommmend that action so a bunch of redundant "{insert character}'s Words of Wisdom" pools don't start getting made in its wake.

Zekana said (forum #87548):

Explosion said:
<See Above quote>

lol, i was about to comment about the pool. i agree, i feel like the concept shouldn't be character specific and the more character themed pools we can avoid, the better. hell, i'd be willing to say words of wisdom could be tag worthy if it's given a strong definition for what is and isn't words of wisdom.

UnderneathTheWaves said (forum #88534):

pool #6854 Pool: Touhou - Morichika Rinnosuke's Words of Wisdom

Never addressed. As mentioned maybe it could work as just Words of Wisdom.

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Having checked some of the other pools, the idea of words of wisdom in itself sounds like it's already covered by pool #1475, Quotes and Messages and pool #2961, Quotable Dialogue, though this one is more meant towards humor, pool #1475 does feel more serious about it.

If you guys feel words of wisdom would be different enough from the pools that are already on the site, then i stand by what i said before and i could see it being good as a pool, but if its not different enough, then let it die i suppose.