A question about deleting your account

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After months of not actually getting here, I was quite surprised about the new account deletion. However, I'm pretty curious about the first part which is "Rename your account to a generic string".

Is this similar to renaming your account? and what if you're a Gold Member?

Also, if an account was ever "deleted" can it still be re-activated?

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  • If you deleted your account, it would automatically be renamed to "user_322901", where 322901 is your user id.

    You don't need to be a Gold member to delete your account. Anyone can do it.

    Deleted accounts can't be reactivated: Your name, password, favorites, etc, are all wiped. Things like forum posts are left intact, just under the new "user_322901" name.

    Account deletion is pretty much intended for users who want to wipe out the evidence that they've ever used this site.

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  • Toks said:

    Your favorites, etc, are all wiped.

    This isn't actually the case right now. fav:user_382434 fav:user_280734

    Forum posts and comments being left also makes it very easy to tie the account to its original name because of the nature of quotes, but that's not really a solvable problem.

    Edit: The favorites thing is already posted on github I guess.


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