Tag alias: extra_eyes -> multiple_eyes

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NeverGonnaGive said:
Eyes are a natural pair, as are arms, thus more than the average of the latter becomes extra_arms.

They're not a natural pair when it comes to spider girls like Rachnera_Arachnera, but I see your point. Maybe then we should have multiple_* for when the extra parts are "standard" for the character, and use extra_* when they aren't?

Edit: It seems extra_wings is already aliased to multiple_wings though, so I'm not sure what our stance is on this.

Kikimaru said:

I'm more in support of multiple_eyes -> extra_eyes, too.

Ditto. Multiple eyes are the normal. "Extra" eyes imply otherwise. The "extra" is compared to human normal, not extra for the character. It's what makes the character be identifiable -- just like you still tag a character who normally has a ponytail with ponytail.

Thus, if it weren't possible for an artist to draw her with normal eyes, Rachnera Arachnera would imply extra eyes. She should always be tagged with them if present and visible.

Eyes are a bit confusing because we also have the third_eye tag, though that can implicate extra_eyes. I would definitely support making the tag extra_eyes since as others states, multiple eyes is the norm.