yukkuri have gender? should they count towards #girls/#boys tags?

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for a while now, in tani_takeshi's 4koma series, when yukkuri appear, I don't count them towards the number of girls/boys in the picture, but others who have uploaded them and other yukkuri pictures, sometimes include the yukkuri as part of the girl/boy number. I'm wondering what is the correct usage of the "Number"_girls/boys tag in this case? should yukkuri be considered a gender and tagged as thus, or should they be considered a genderless creature or an animal and not have that apply towards the tag?

It seems to me.... Each osa-yukkuri is based on a particular Touhou character, and we apply character tags as if it was that character; e.g. if osa-Reimu is in the image, we tag the image with hakurei reimu even though the real Reimu isn't there. I think it would make sense to also count a yukkuri as one of whatever gender their base character is (albeit I've yet to see an osa-Unzan or osa-Rinnosuke, so it's almost always going to come out "count them as a girl.")

I'd count them as genderless. They don't have any visible gender-specific traits, and many gag strips show them mounting one another, regardless of original gender. (And I wouldn't count anything w/o genitalia as futanari.)