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create alias squigly_(skullgirls) -> sienna_contiello

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Full name, based on nadia_fortune precedent. UI and characters generally refer to her by the current tag ("Sienna Contiello - but, please, call me Squigly.").

EDIT: Also, thoughts on a carol_(skullgirls) -> painwheel_(skullgirls) alias or implication? Though there is how she was in flashbacks, her reverted state is titled and self-announced as "Painwheel". Since the latter only differs in retaining the scars, eyes, and teeth of the gameplay sprites, is it similar enough to be tagged painwheel_(skullgirls) no matter what (such as cosplay of the flashback/reverted state)?


For her, she is a blood relative of the antagonistic Medici family, targets of the Skullgirl, so it's a bit of a reveal for her story mode, but I'm not familiar enough with the outlying lore to know if she carries that surname and/or if Filia is her real name (I think so, since two separate characters familiar with her prior to her amnesia use it).

As for Carol back in the OP, that tag's use here is typically for her without her mask and pointy bits (the blade wheel and nails/spikes), so it has utility, but at the end of a story mode, she still used "Painwheel" in the state we tag as "Carol".

That all bring to mind the sienna_contiello_(living) tag and how the character was referred to in-universe as "Squigly" even before zombification.

Then there's "Patricia" (Peacock) and the Renoir royale family (Parasoul & Umbrella). There are so many aliases and dropped surnames in this damn game...

Hmm, never even noticed that these aliases were in place.

But considering how the full names are only revealed to the player when you play through the story mode, I'd agree with using the names like they appear on the character roster http://skullgirls.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Characters. So just filia_(skullgirls) and squigly_(skullgirls)

It'd be consistent too, because I think that this situation is similar to the case of tenshi_(angel_beats!) and her real name, which has been discussed here forum #41467 (Spoilers ahead!).