New pool: Obsessive Mikasa

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I've noticed that there has been an ongoing joke on how Mikasa can get a little too obsessive of Eren to a point where it starts to become creepy. I think a new pool should be created to sort these into one place. I got the inspiration from the Perverted Homura pool pool #3171 and this pic post #1486504

I'm thinking that the requirements for a pic to be in the pool would be having Mikasa being overly protective of Eren, even to a point that it becomes sexual/perverted. Something along those lines. So, how does everyone think about it. I'm open to alternate names as well.

Fred1515 said:

Not that this would make much difference now since you can search pools using operators.

The main point of Homura having a separate pool is making it easier to find images of the other girls from the same series being perverted (particularly Madoka), or of Homura and another girl being perverted at the same time. Having a special case like this wouldn't be worthwhile for most series, but I think there's enough with Madoka Magica for it to be one.