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I just did some quick searching on google and not really finding and hits using "loop" to describe it. Actually seems that they do use the term loop but it refers to some other aspect that I'm not fully sure what it is. I think some of the few places I've seen it used, it refers to a fabric loop/band. One result was a bikini bottom they had a fabric or elastic loops on the side that tie together the front and back on the sides (think o-ring_bottom, but replace the rings with an elastic loop which of course gets stretched like a rubber band along the sides).

The most common was "O-ring" in coming up with results, but of course all those only had a circularly ring. Did come up with one with a heart shaped one and they labelled it a "heart ring" bikini top. Going by that, it might be better to simply drop the "O" in the name and make it "ring_top." The term "ring" for these might simply be used to refer to a hard solid "ring" that holds the outfit together.

That is just what I came across doing a quick look, but it of course could be wrong since it was only a quick look through.


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