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MagicalAsparagus said:
Maybe I should use the waiting_room tag? That's the correct thing for the place where people wait for the train, right?

Wikipedia seems to use that term (and for whatever reason "waiting area" is aliased to "queue area"), but it acknowledges that there are two types (of which I think would be visually distinct enough from each other). The first type listed on wikipedia is the areas in an office, clinic, or hospital where you're waiting for an appointment. The station area where passengers are waiting to board their ride (flight, train, bus, boat) is what wikipedia listed as the second type. Personally the first type is what would always come to mind with me with the term "waiting room," the second type would never cross my mind.

I had never really thought about it, usually just referring to the whole building ("terminal") or the departure point ("waiting at the 'gate'"). I imagine any alternative can also cause problems, but some of the alternatives are "waiting area" (or "passenger waiting area"), "passenger lounge," and "gate lounge." If you want to use "waiting room," I think it would be more appropriate labeling it then as "passenger waiting room" instead.