Tag implication: open_hoodie -> open_clothes

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Toks said:

-1. The open_clothes wiki says: "This implies that nothing is being worn underneath aside from underwear." But it's common for a shirt to be worn underneath an open hoodie.

If that is the case, then the current open_jacket and open_coat implications to open_clothes need to be removed.

-kyu- said:

Does hoodie refer to both pullovers and cardigans with a hood? I'm asking, because there's also the hooded_jacket tag, which may or may not be the more fitting implication. It's not really clear if hoodie allows zippers (or buttons) or not...

It was never quite clear to me how exactly we were defining hoodie and hooded_jacket going by the previous discussions on them (topic #5251 and topic #6896). Seems like some argued for hoodie being a general tag for any garment with a hood, in which case it would cover hooded jackets and hooded whatever-else and this implication would be fine, but if not, then we really need to come up with some specific defining characteristics for each that are easy to make out in the average Danbooru image.