Seem to be blocked from Danbooru from my house

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Ok, I seem to be blocked from Danbooru from my home computer.
I'm using my home computer, and while Danbooru has been loading slowly for the last week on it; last night I became completely unable to access it.
I thought the site may have been down; but I went to yande.re and while it loaded at first, the same thing happened there.

Fortunatly, I'm able to access Danbooru from a proxy server, but this is really inconvenient... Anyone have any ideas of what caused this(i.e. blocked by someone or something; malicious spyware; etc) and what would need to be done to fix this issue? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


What exactly happens when you try to access Danbooru (is it a Failbooru message, a network timeout, etc.) and does this happen in other sites too?

If proxies work fine and only accessing directly is the problem, it might be the ISP blocking sites because of some pornography law (it has happened before in some countries).

Nothing happens, really. It just acts as though it's trying to load it, but it eventually just says that it's unable to load. The fact that the same thing happened to yande.re shortly after I went makes me think someones blocking me...

I'm wondering if this isn't something else as well... Because for the last week Danbooru's been taking a while to load for my computer... Once it loaded it would work fine, but now it won't even let me on...