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Collection: Touhou - Costume Examination

Pixiv meme examining the outfits of Touhou characters. Must be tagged with 東方装束考.

Starting artist: mitsumoto
Description post: post #673816
Pixiv page

1girl absurdres greyscale highres how_to long_image mitsumoto_jouji monochrome mystia_lorelei sketch tall_image touhou translated
1girl alice_margatroid barefoot blonde_hair blue_eyes boots camisole capelet character_sheet dress dress_shirt dressing drosselmeier hair_brushing hair_ornament hair_tousle hairband highres left-to-right_manga panties reverse_translation shirt sleepy socks strap_slip touhou translated underwear white_panties
1girl anger_vein blue_eyes bow character_sheet diagram green_hair hat manaka_(pdx) md5_mismatch ribbon rod_of_remorse shiki_eiki short_hair skirt smile touhou translated
1girl animal_ears blazer bra bunny_ears dress_shirt dressing highres jacket lavender_hair lingerie long_hair long_image moon necktie panties pinzu red_eyes reisen_udongein_inaba shirt sketch skirt touhou translated underwear underwear_only undressing very_long_hair wide_image
1girl blue_eyes diagram green_hair hat partially_translated shiki_eiki short_hair supon touhou translation_request
1girl apron blue_hair blush boots bow bowtie character_sheet diagram emurin floating food fruit groin hand_on_hip happy hat highres hinanawi_tenshi leaf long_hair multiple_views open_mouth peach puffy_sleeves red_eyes skirt smile text_focus touhou translated turnaround
1girl backpack bag between_breasts blue_hair bolt breasts cattail character_sheet diagram eighth_note hair_bobbles hair_ornament hana-kagume hat highres kawashiro_nitori key md5_mismatch musical_note open_mouth plant pose sketch smile spoken_musical_note strap_cleavage touhou translation_request twintails two_side_up wrench
1girl animal_ears diagram hat mary_janes mitsumoto_jouji mystia_lorelei pink_hair shoes short_hair thighhighs touhou translated
1girl animal_ears blonde_hair character_sheet check_translation chinese_clothes clothes diagram embarrassed fox_ears fox_tail hat highres kamehoro multiple_tails partially_translated robe sarashi short_hair stretch surcoat tail touhou translation_request yakumo_ran yellow_eyes
3girls akatoro_(nightlord) blonde_hair bra bra_on_head character_sheet clothes detached_sleeves diagram frog green_hair hair_ornament hair_ribbon highres kochiya_sanae lingerie long_hair moriya_suwako multiple_girls object_on_head panties panties_on_head purple_hair ribbon short_hair snake touhou translation_request underwear yasaka_kanako yellow_eyes
1girl bad_id bad_pixiv_id character_sheet detached_sleeves frog gohei green_eyes green_hair hair_ornament highres kochiya_sanae ni_piao_xiancai snake thighhighs touhou translated
1girl alternate_costume bad_id bad_pixiv_id belt black_legwear blonde_hair bloomers boots braid broom character_sheet hat highres kirisame_marisa long_hair mini-hakkero ni_piao_xiancai thighhighs touhou underwear witch_hat yellow_eyes
1girl ahoge animal_ears check_translation detached_sleeves diagram futatsuki_hisame hat highres inubashiri_momiji red_eyes solo sword tail tokin_hat touhou translated translation_request weapon white_hair wolf_ears wolf_tail
1boy accessories ahoge character_sheet diagram fanny_pack glasses grey_hair highres male_focus morichika_rinnosuke pants touhou translation_request yoshio
1girl absurdres bad_id bad_pixiv_id chibi hat highres japanese_clothes juban kimono long_image pink_hair purple_eyes saigyouji_yuyuko short_hair smile tall_image touhou translation_request
1girl animal_ears bad_id bad_pixiv_id dress earrings face fangs grin hat jewelry mystia_lorelei pink_hair shiba_itsuki short_hair smile solo teeth touhou translation_request wings
1girl :< arms_behind_back bad_id bad_pixiv_id bare_shoulders bike_shorts blonde_hair blush bra breasts character_sheet diagram face green_eyes how_to lingerie midriff mizuhashi_parsee partially_translated pointy_ears shiba_itsuki short_hair skirt small_breasts sports_bra touhou translation_request underwear
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