Collection: Rule 34

"If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions."

Erotica or porn in a context which would elicit a reaction of disbelief by an uninitiated viewer.

  • Add: Generally unexpected erotica. Good examples are:
    • Erotic interpretations of copyrights or characters generally not expected to have any sexual capacity. Mascots and highly simplified characters are a common example.
    • Erotic interpretations of mundane objects or phenomena.
    • In-style erotica of any copyrights marketed as child and family friendly.
  • Your Discretion: Erotic fanart of an unexpected character or copyright, but not in official style.
  • Your Discretion: Sexual situations involving political figures or celebrities.
  • Don't Add: In-style erotica where the original copyright has already explored erotic or sexually suggestive themes in published official art.
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