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3girls :d absurdres apple aqua_eyes barefoot bikini_bottom blonde_hair blue_eyes blush blush_stickers brown_hair collarbone cropped cup dengeki_moeou dress drill_hair food fruit green_hair hair_ornament hairband highres holding in_container in_cup in_food komatsu_eiji lemon lemon_slice liptan looking_at_viewer minigirl multiple_girls one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth original panties panties_removed partially_submerged purple_eyes ribbon scan school_swimsuit short_hair side-tie_panties smile spoon swimsuit thigh_ribbon twin_drills twintails two_side_up underwear untied untied_panties
3girls chemise cup dress drill_hair food_themed_clothes holding holding_panties in_container in_cup komatsu_eiji liptan minigirl moire multiple_girls one-piece_swimsuit original panties product_girl scan scan_artifacts school_swimsuit side-tie_panties swimsuit underwear
liptan (original) drawn by komatsu eiji
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