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meowth (pokemon) drawn by pekako
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    And I guess this becomes yet another comment thread where I have to bring out the "next person to continue the meme gets banned" stick.

    Come on guys, this is a waste of my admin-ing time.


    So just tempbanned about half a dozen more of you for comment spam. And deleted the whole comment thread since you just couldn't leave things well enough alone. Congrats.

    This is not 4chan. Every additional comment, regardless of topic, is a 1 month ban.


    Please fill his food dish. He also accepts cash, check, and credit cards if food is unavailable.


    I'm the one who added that warning.


    So this is the Meowth pictures I read about and just now seeing it.

    minako aino

    RiderFan said:

    I'm the one who added that warning.

    It shouldn't be in "disgustingly adorable" pool. It is cute but not that much.


    I only feel the mod/admin work in this site is awful.



    Freedom of speech doesn't translate to allowing attacks on other people.

    Honestly, if there are issues with how the website is being run, there are plenty of people you can reach out to in a safe way.



    I've tried that before and it just goes through one ear and out the other with them...they don't listen...they don't listen to us because they think their higher then us and that our opinion doesn't matter because they think they know better...when honestly...they don't...it was a waste of time then...and I'm not gonna waste my time again by doing the doing the same thing here just to achieve nothing but a warning or a limited or permanent comment ban...honestly...I don't think its right to put other people's freedom of speech in the hands of others...because that just creates more hate towards the one who took it away...and I'm sure you don't give a shit about how other people feel towards you jxh2154...but creating and putting stress on others just because you deem them to be a nuisance is not fair on them...as I said before...everyone has the right to exercise their freedom of speech whether it being mature or immature...and freedom of speech does include anything that comes from someones mouth whether it be verbal abuse or not...everything naturally settles eventually so why not let the argument run its course until it ends?...why try to be the hero of the day?...why butt into other people's arguments and stop them when you have no right to do so?...its not right...its wrong.


    This is cute.


    Thedudestar said:


    I cannot stand the mod team because they have bizzaro taste that leads to good images being flagged over a really minor detail, and completely poorly drawn ones being approved on sight. I also know that it's their site. They are free to do whatever the hell they want, and the only thing you are allowed to do is take it or leave it. Maybe you need to look in the mirror before you call yourself the judge of what's right or not.

    edit: Definitely not agreeing with this guy. I didn't down vote you, for what that might be worth.