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  • 1girl blue_hair bottle cup hakama hanyuu higurashi_no_naku_koro_ni ikawa_waki in_container in_cup japanese_clothes minigirl red_hakama solo tears
    1girl cup hair_ornament in_container in_cup lyrical_nanoha mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_strikers minigirl misana reinforce_zwei solo translation_request x_hair_ornament
    1girl borrowed_character bowl cup food goggles hat in_container in_cup john_su lowres meandros minigirl noodles original ranguage snickurs solo typo
    1girl animal_ears cup cup_ramen fox_ears in_container in_cup japanese_clothes lowres minigirl original red_eyes shio_poteto solo
    1girl barefoot bow cirno cup feet food in_container in_cup in_food minigirl noodles one-piece_swimsuit school_swimsuit solo swimsuit torque touhou
    1girl animal_ears arise_riyu bare_shoulders barefoot blush camisole cat_ears collarbone cup in_container in_cup looking_at_viewer off_shoulder original sitting solo strap_slip tareme toes
    6+girls :< animal_ears bat_wings bespectacled brown_eyes cat_ears cat_tail closed_eyes cup flandre_scarlet glasses head_wings hong_meiling in_container in_cup itsukia izayoi_sakuya kemonomimi_mode kirisame_marisa koakuma minigirl multiple_girls one_eye_closed patchouli_knowledge purple_eyes purple_hair red_hair remilia_scarlet tail tea touhou wings
    1girl binzume_yousei chibi cup fukaiton in_container in_cup jar kamishirasawa_keine lowres minigirl solo touhou
    1girl cup ikeda_jun_(mizutamari) in_container in_cup minigirl original solo
    1girl artist_request cake copyright_request cup fairy food in_container in_cup in_food minigirl pastry pointy_ears solo wings
    1girl alcohol animal_ears bad_id bad_pixiv_id bear_ears beer chibi cup face froth in_container in_cup lowres minigirl original pink_hair red_eyes solo tsunako
    6+girls blonde_hair bow chachacha chibi cup fang green_hair hina_ichigo in_container in_cup kanaria kirakishou minigirl multiple_girls pink_bow rozen_maiden shinku souseiseki suigintou suiseiseki
    1girl ahoge blue_eyes blue_hair cup dress green_dress ikeda_jun_(mizutamari) in_container in_cup minigirl open_mouth original solo striped striped_legwear thighhighs tiptoes
    3girls blush breath chibi chopsticks cup cup_ramen food fukuzawa_yumi in_container in_cup in_food katwu_(gensou_ninja_yashiki) maria-sama_ga_miteru minigirl mizuno_youko multiple_girls noodles ogasawara_sachiko ramen
    1girl ahoge animal_ears bell bell_collar brown_eyes brown_hair cat_ears cat_tail cherry collar copyright_request cup diving_mask diving_mask_on_head drinking_glass drinking_straw fangs flippers food fruit gloves green_tea ice in_container in_cup jingle_bell long_hair minigirl nananana_nanana one-piece_swimsuit school_swimsuit smile snorkel solo spoon swimsuit tail tea white_gloves
    1boy 2girls :d cup drink fairy food highres in_container in_cup in_food komatsu_eiji liptan maid maid_headdress minigirl multiple_girls open_mouth original smile tea tea_fairy teacup translated waitress
    1boy 1girl :d ;d ^_^ apple barefoot closed_eyes comic cup drink fairy flying_sweatdrops food food_themed_clothes fruit green_hair hard_translated highres in_container in_cup in_food komatsu_eiji liptan minigirl one_eye_closed open_mouth original product_girl smile sweatdrop tea tea_fairy translated wet
    2girls barasui blush bubble cup drinking_glass ichigo_mashimaro in_container in_cup itou_chika matsuoka_miu minigirl multiple_girls short_hair wine_glass
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