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  • 1girl ahoge blue_eyes blue_hair cup dress green_dress ikeda_jun_(mizutamari) in_container in_cup minigirl open_mouth original solo striped striped_legwear thighhighs tiptoes
    3girls blush breath chibi chopsticks cup cup_ramen food fukuzawa_yumi in_container in_cup in_food katwu_(gensou_ninja_yashiki) maria-sama_ga_miteru minigirl mizuno_youko multiple_girls noodles ogasawara_sachiko ramen
    1girl ahoge animal_ears bell bell_collar brown_eyes brown_hair cat_ears cat_tail cherry collar copyright_request cup diving_mask diving_mask_on_head drinking_glass drinking_straw fangs flippers food fruit gloves green_tea ice in_container in_cup jingle_bell long_hair minigirl nananana_nanana one-piece_swimsuit school_swimsuit smile snorkel solo spoon swimsuit tail tea white_gloves
    1boy 2girls :d cup drink fairy food highres in_container in_cup in_food komatsu_eiji liptan maid maid_headdress minigirl multiple_girls open_mouth original smile tea tea_fairy teacup translated waitress
    1boy 1girl :d ;d ^_^ apple barefoot closed_eyes comic cup drink fairy flying_sweatdrops food food_themed_clothes fruit green_hair hard_translated highres in_container in_cup in_food komatsu_eiji liptan minigirl one_eye_closed open_mouth original product_girl smile sweatdrop tea tea_fairy translated wet
    2girls barasui blush bubble cup drinking_glass ichigo_mashimaro in_container in_cup itou_chika matsuoka_miu minigirl multiple_girls short_hair wine_glass
    1girl animal_ears braid cup in_container in_cup kubyou_azami long_sleeves minigirl mouse_ears original pantyhose pink_hair single_braid solo sugar_cube tail teacup
    1girl blue_eyes chibi cup in_container in_cup katwu_(gensou_ninja_yashiki) maria-sama_ga_miteru peeking pot solo toudou_shimako translated
    3girls chemise cup dress drill_hair food_themed_clothes holding holding_panties in_container in_cup komatsu_eiji liptan minigirl moire multiple_girls one-piece_swimsuit original panties product_girl scan scan_artifacts school_swimsuit side-tie_panties swimsuit underwear
    1girl binchou-tan binchou-tan_(character) cup ekusa_takahito food food_on_face in_container in_cup in_food minigirl personification rice rice_cooker solo
    1girl animal_ears artist_request cat_ears cup dejiko di_gi_charat drinking_straw in_container in_cup lowres minigirl mittens solo tail
    1girl artist_request blonde_hair blush c.c._lemon c.c._lemon_(character) cup green_eyes hat in_container in_cup looking_at_viewer mascot minigirl multiple_views simple_background smile translation_request white_background
    2girls animal_ears buruma cat_ears chopsticks cup dog_ears food in_container in_cup in_food kashiwagi_hatsune kashiwagi_kaede kizuato minigirl multiple_girls name_tag noodles one-piece_swimsuit ramen school_swimsuit school_uniform shimada_fumikane soy_sauce steam swimsuit
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