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help:user settings

Basic Settings

  • Name
    • Requests a username change
  • Email
    • Changes the email address
  • Timezone
    • Sets how timestamps are displayed
    • Affects how the date: metatag works (Help:Cheatsheet)
    • Default is Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • Email notifications
    • True - Receive an email when you get a new Dmail
    • False (default) - No emails will be sent
  • Comment threshold
    • Comments below this score will be hidden by default
  • Default image width
    • Original - Will always show the full-size image
    • 850px (default) - Will show the sample image with a max width of 850 pixels
  • Posts per page (Gold+ only)
    • Sets the max number of posts shown on a single page
  • Safe mode
    • True - The same as using Safebooru. In addition to hiding questionable and explicit posts, censored tags will also be hidden for all member levels (Help:Censored Tags).
    • False (default) - All images will be displayed except for censored tags for certain member levels.
  • Blacklisted tags
    • Put any tag combinations you never want to see here
    • Each combination should go on a separate line
    • You can also whitelist tags by adding a minus sign "-" in front
    • See Help:Blacklists for more information