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Japanese name: にとき (Nitoki)
Old name: 仁時 行也 (Niji Yukinari)
Circle name: CROSS POINT
Site name: 508ROOM

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3girls album_cover alternate_costume animal_ears blonde_hair blue_eyes cat_ears circle_formation collaboration copyright_name cover final_fantasy final_fantasy_iv final_fantasy_v final_fantasy_vi hood hoodie kei_(keigarou) lenna_charlotte_tycoon multiple_girls nitoki pantyhose red red_background redalice rydia tina_branford white_mage
1girl hatsune_miku long_hair nitoki no_panties solo tail thighhighs vocaloid
1girl aqua_hair hatsune_miku long_hair nitoki panties school_uniform serafuku solo topless twintails underwear very_long_hair vocaloid
2girls blue_hair hatsune_miku kagamine_rin long_hair multiple_girls nitoki thighhighs very_long_hair vocaloid