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samuel b. roberts (kantai collection)

サミュエル・B・ロバーツ サミュエル・B・ロバーツ(艦隊これくしょん)

Kantai Collection character.

The personification of the American John C. Butler-class destroyer escort of the same name. She's voiced by Shiraki Nao and was designed by Zeco.

As a destroyer escort, she is of a small frame comparable to an elementary schooler. Her short hair is a dull light blue done up in double buns while her eyes are a highly light, dull yellow. Her wardrobe consists of a cuffed long-sleeved white serafuku with a blue sailor collar (oversized to fit her collar rigging) and aqua neckerchief, a pleated aqua miniskirt, a white dixie cup hat with a black ribbon and star ornament attached to it, high-heeled red shoes, and a thigh strap on her left leg. With her right hand, she is holding a gun that resembles a p90 submachine gun with a 5-inch gun used by the original ship on top of it and some armor plating on the side, acting as a magazine holder. A small, scarred whale is seen alongside her. This is because the historical Samuel B. Roberts struck a large whale with her port propeller shaft off the coast of Maine on her first day of active service which caused her to return to Norfolk for repairs. She also has the Navy Cross hanging from her left hand side, presumably the one posthumously given to her namesake, Coxswain Samuel Booker Roberts Jr.

Her ultimate claim to fame was her actions during the Battle off Samar, in which she conducted attacks against Choukai and Chikuma before being done in by a barrage from Kongou. Her valiant actions earned her the nickname "The Destroyer Escort that fought like a Battleship" and a battle star, which she wears as a hairpin. Two other ships would go on to share her name: A Gearing-class destroyer, and later a Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided missile frigate.

There are several things remarkable about shipgirl Samuel B. Roberts:

  • She is the first shipgirl in the game not created by a Japanese illustrator (Zeco is Taiwanese).
  • She is also the first shipgirl introduced outside of an event since Uranami's entry into the game in September 2016.
  • In-game, she chooses to be just called "Sam," despite being affectionally known historically as "Sammy B." Either way, she is refered to by a unisex nickname.
  • She is the game's first American "destroyer" despite clearly regarding herself as a destroyer escort, pretty much the same fashion escort carrier Gambier Bay is categorized in the game as a light aircraft carrier. As a side effect, fan art has her as the representative American destroyer while actual American destroyers have yet to be implemented. Meanwhile, the DE in her hull number, DE-413, is currently used by English-speaking fans as compromise shorthand code for the kaiboukan, which had no direct counterparts outside of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
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