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kirby's epic yarn




Initial Release

JP: October 14, 2010
NA: October 17, 2010
AU: February 24, 2011
EU: February 25, 2011


Kirby's appetite sometimes gets him into trouble, which he found out the hard way when he tried to eat Yin Yarn's headgear after mistaking it for a tomato! Yin Yarn sent Kirby to Patch Land in retaliation. It was here that Kirby met Prince Fluff, who explains to him that Patch Land has been broken into pieces and needs to be sewn back together. The two then work together to save the day!

The first Kirby game on the Nintendo Wii. Not unlike Kirby Canvas Curse, this is not a conventional Kirby game. Kirby is no longer able to suck things up and gain copy abilities (as air passes through his now-made-of-yarn body), so he relies on a yarn whip to pull enemies to him and throw them at obstacles.

There is a Nintendo 3DS port to be released in 2019 called Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, which introduces some quality-of-life enhancements as well as new minigames featuring King Dedede and Meta Knight