Official alternate costume implication

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I personally think that an implication would be redundant. Alternate costume is supposed to be for fanmade and unofficial stuff, but due to the name of the tag not reflecting this, and the wiki itself having previously had a contradictory description of its use, it was used for official stuff too. That's what would ultimately prompted official alternate costume to become a tag in the first place, ala topic #15975.

I agree with evazion, though it's most important to give them tags when a) the costume gets repeatedly used in fanart (thus to make it easier to search something else with it; and/or b) the costume is distinct enough that it warrants a separate tag. There are plenty of skins in video games that fit b), but don't end up fitting a), so for those costumes it might be worthwhile to have an encompassing tag. Also, one would have to consider how to approach this matter in terms of non-video games, such as anime episodes, and manga sources (chapter cover, chapter itself, etc).