"male pubic hair"?

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This was my doing. At least it's been noticed, now. I figure that since the focus of this site is more on females, having a distinction on whether or not the tagged pubic_hair of a picture could just all be on the featureless male would be useful. Heck, perhaps it could be defined as "the only pubic hair is the male's/males'," like some unholy fusion of the male and pubic_hair tags.

Tieria said:
Isn't that a little bit too nit-picky? Pubic hair is pubic hair.

Probably so, but again, I can see where a user might want a line to be drawn between them. It wouldn't be a functionless tag.

The real problem I see is that gardening tags to reflect the difference would probably be difficult, to say the least.

Uh, to resurrect this thread (happy halloween), I wanted to point out that this is still kinda a problem. I'm sorry if we're not supposed to necro threads here, but it seemed like best to continue this topic.

NeverGonnaGive said:

Actually, that's the reverse of my concern. How many pictures can you think of with a no-hair-down-there girl engaged with a bushed guy? What if you wanted to find images of no-so-shaved girls? If male_pubic_hair is aliased to pubic_hair, this would make searching out fuzzy females more difficult.

In particular, this part. Basically, images with something like two partners who both have pubic hair will be omitted if your goal is to subtract off only male pubic hair from the index results. If you go with pubic hair you see all male and female pubic hair, so it's hard to just get straight female pubic hair only.

I think the best solution to this problem is to have a male pubic hair only tag that restricts it so that you can filter out only images with only males with pubic hair, while leaving all females with pubic hair engaged with acts with males with pubic hair.

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