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The reason I picked bleeding from pussy is for consistency with the pussy tag, but if that's not required, then I like vaginal bleeding better.

I also think it should be separate from menstruation, because virgin is currently being used for pictures where a female is bleeding in a sexual situation. If someone wanted to search for women on their period, they would have to go through a lot of irrelevant results.

I'm not too sure whether virgin being used for characters that are shown to be virgins is a good idea. I can't think of any posts that could apply that aren't covered by bleeding from pussy/vaginal bleeding.

feline_lump said:
I'm not too sure whether virgin being used for characters that are shown to be virgins is a good idea. I can't think of any posts that could apply that aren't covered by bleeding from pussy/vaginal bleeding.

There are people who would explicitly look for images in which it is indicated that the character is a virgin. There can be a plenty of indicators (text in the image, pixiv tags, artist comments, etc) that would indicate whether the character was a virgin or not. At minimum, because such stuff does exist, you'll never get an alias, but at best an implication.

Frankly I think you're over thinking the weight of alternative forms of vaginal bleeding, as well as underestimating the use of vaginal bleeding to deliberately indicate the character is a virgin in hentai. In hentai, the number one source for vaginal blood is going to be due to defloration, all other alternatives are going to be in the extreme minority.

Can you provide examples in which it isn't ambiguous, but clearly vaginal bleeding that isn't due to defloration?

How do you show someone being a virgin? By saying it in the text? Having a little picture of a cherry next to their head? I'm not to sure if that's really a valuable tag to have. And since virgin as a tag has meant "vaginal bleeding in a sexual situation" on this site for so long, I think the alias makes the most sense. That way, virgin acts as a shortcut, sort of.

One, there is the information there that can explicitly indicate the character is a virgin. Ignoring such information means losing that information, particularly information that people will actually search for. It's not useless information, and it does carry meaning for the image.

Two, the new term's name is ambiguous. You argue now for a stricter definition and you can write all you want in the wiki, but as time goes on what will matter most is the name of the tag. People will inevitably start adding other images, particularly menstruation to this new tag. People will start expanding and changing the definition of the tag because of how broad its name is. Thinking it won't happen is rather silly. Having this as an implication and thus a subcategory already in place before it happens will save time and a headache in the future.

The fact is, nearly 100% of all cases in Japanese art where blood is exiting the vagina, it's because of a torn hymen. Never mind conflicts with reality; as far as Japanese erotic art is concerned, vaginal blood = defloration.

The very few cases where this is not so would fall squarely in the realm of guro, and to the best of my understanding, tagging it that way on Danbooru would solve the problem.

Again, I think if virgin is allowed to stay, it will become redundant. There are very few situations where it would apply that would not also be covered by the new term, and it's not like there is a large range of people who want to see people bleeding while penetrated only if they say they are virgins. If we don't tag those examples, then you just have people mentioning that they are virgins and other such things. That would be like tagging a picture with doctor if a character mentions that they are a doctor while not on the job.

As for the argument that there are very few cases where they are not actually virgins: You can't assume that every artist thinks that way. For example, there is pool #3253. In it, Sakuya is penetrated a total of four times, but only bleeds three times. In those three times, it is also clear that the penetration is rough and forceful. Yet, it is tagged as virgin both times even though at least one case is blatantly incorrect.

If you want a less ambiguous name, bleeding while penetrated could work.

Thinking about this a bit more. If you guys are going to try and make such a change, why not simply go all the way and allow your vaginal_bleeding tag to cover all forms of vaginal bleeding, including nonsexual bleeding. There would be no need in excluding nonsexual images, since you could simply do a vaginal_bleeding sex search just for vaginal bleeding with sex.

Additionally, then the virgin tag could be changed to be when the image has some sort of indicator (symbols, text, etc) that the character is a virgin and be used to also cover nonsexual images as well.

In short, I'd support either going nowhere or going further than what is proposed.

The instances of vaginal bleeding that aren't intended to be related to sex are few, so you wont get much tag pollution if for some reason you want to search for images depicting this.

So I agree with NWF to just have vaginal_bleeding be for any type of bleeding. Then menstruation can be added as necessary where it fits the subset of bleeding.

nonamethanks said:

It's not just one picture.
Another bunch just from a quick search:
post #114719
post #3830404
post #3830380

It's hard to find more because there's no tag for it.
Anyway, to not affect the current tag I've created implied virgin for them.

Again, more text. The last post is just a tent, where's the "virgin" in that one? If you suggest tagging the parent post with virgin, you went from borderline meta to full meta.

But I get it, you want a tag covering virginity as a concept. We could use a new tag like virginity for such situations, instead of putting it in a virgin pile and relying on several negation searches.

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