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Hinacle said:
Implications are for things that couldn't possibly have exceptions. Can you really imagine that every picture of that costume that will ever be drawn will need to be tagged spoilers?


If we intend to hide that persona of her, sure, every instance of its appearance is spoiler. Otherwise the only thing that is spoiling in this episode is... I don't know, she disappears? (transparent, dissolving, etc). I need a guideline of what people like to tag.

Forgot to mention: Homura wearing the ribbon is NOT spoiler, that needs a clean up.


rantuyetmai said:

Forgot to mention: Homura wearing the ribbon is NOT spoiler, that needs a clean up.

I'm on it. There's been several cases of people complaining about the lack of the spoiler tag on fanarts after ep.10, so I didn't want to take any risk this time.

Edit: on the other hand, Homura with a bow is, right ?


If the tag is called goddess_madoka, then that in itself is very much a spoiler, since everyone seeing that tag will know that Madoka will at one time in the show become a god. Disregarding the tag name, the content may not always require a spoiler tag.

Edit: (
If you're just gonna link goddess_madoka in kaname_madoka, you have a major unmarked spoiler in the wiki.

Homura has been portrayed with a bow since the beginning, so that's not really a spoiler. (Of course, post #901839 deserves the tag)


Making goddess_madoka a spoiler-tag is at this point rather useless, because it's the very first tag on Danbooru's front page list of tags.

No idea what to do about this, it's likely to stay there for a couple of days at least. I'm just glad I avoided Danbooru until I watched the final episodes.

piespy said:
I'm just glad I avoided Danbooru until I watched the final episodes.

I really made sure to avoid almost everything (not even wanting to stumble across any vague reactions) and thankfully was successful in that endeavor...

I see there's a wiki for megami_madoka too. There needs to be alias between it and goddess_madoka in any case.

The runes in episode 11 give some extra insight to a few of our previous naming discussions:

forum #60540 - The German name Walpurgisnacht is used in the runes, so I take back my previous preference there. The way we aliased it already is probably best.

forum #55385 - The runes use "Qbey". Given that they can't seem to make up their mind on his name, though, I don't know if that's indicative of anything... (maybe if it somehow keeps appearing like that officially then an alias can be proposed).

rantuyetmai said:
These are like ex-keine so just keep them general. I made it goddess_madoka because of obvious reason plus pixiv tag is 女神まどか.

Alias wouldn't necessary because megami_madoka was only introduced for 7 hours as of now. Need to detele the wiki though.

女神 is "megami". "goddess" is the English translation. They're really the exact same thing.

Every instance of god Madoka is still Kaname Madoka, give me an example where that isn't true. We did implicate ex-keine to kamishirasawa_keine after all. It's inconvenient having to type 2 names for the same character which until now are 100% always present together.

I can't comment on princess_serenity case since it's been so long, I don't remember much of that series anymore.

Fuck I'm glad I didn't come to danbooru before I saw the episode(s) last night. Talk about a horribly blatant spoiler of a tag, and given its popularity even avoiding Madoka images wouldn't help since it's going to be on the most used tags list.

Anyway, whether it gets implicated goes back to cosplay, which is the only situation in which you'd use an outfit/transformation tag without the original individual present.

So in this case, the question is if a cosplay would be goddess_madoka goddess_madoka_(cosplay) (like the Serenity example NWF gave) or goddess_madoka goddess_madoka_(cosplay) kaname_madoka.

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