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Use this thread to request that an artist tag be renamed.

How to make a request

Click Request alias/implication at the top of the page to make a request.

In the form, write your request like this: alias tanaka_takayuki -> tony_taka. This would request that Tanaka Takayuki be renamed to Tony Taka.

Guidelines for requests

  • Don't move or delete artist tags by hand. Make a request in this thread instead.
  • If you're a Builder level user, you can approve requests in this thread as long as the tag has less than 200 posts. It's allowed and encouraged to approve requests yourself instead of waiting for an admin.
  • Always prefer tag aliases over renames. An alias will redirect searches from the old tag to the new one; a rename won't. Don't request renames unless the old name is highly ambiguous or highly likely to conflict with other existing tags.
  • If you do move an artist entry manually, rename it instead of creating a new entry and manually copying the URLs from the old entry to the new one.
  • If you do delete an artist entry manually, always empty out the URLs and put the name of the new artist tag in the other names. This lets people know where the new artist is. The only thing in a deleted artist entry should be the name of the new artist.
  • Never delete an artist entry when it still has posts (search).
  • Never delete an artist entry without emptying out the URLs first (search).
  • Don't put URLs, old names, or things the artist likes to draw in their wiki. These quickly become outdated. These should be removed on sight.
  • Try to preserve artist history when possible. When merging two artist entries, if one is very old and the other is brand new, then ideally the new one should be deleted and moved out of the way first. This way the old artist entry can simply be renamed (preserving the edit history), instead of deleted and having its URLs copied to the new artist entry (losing the edit history). To do this, rename the new artist entry to something like new_artist_name_(deleted) and delete it before aliasing the old name to the new name.

Guidelines on choosing artist names

  • Prefer the artist's most commonly used current name.
  • Don't use the artist's real name unless they themselves use their real name as their primary handle.
  • Avoid unnecessary qualifiers. Don't add qualifiers to well-known artists just because their name is "too short" or "potentially ambiguous" when it's not likely their tag will actually be confused with other tags.

Updated by RaisingK

kuromitu and misokachu -> silhouette_sakura?
Was poking around kuromitsu's site and apparently he has a pixiv, two blogs, a twitter, and a stickam now. Goes by "misokachu" on pixiv and stickam but releases doujins under the name シルエットさくら, which is also what it says on the first blog and twitter account. I can't find a name on the second blog.

jjj14 said:
kannatsuki_noboru and kannatuki_noboru -> kannazuki_noboru: 神奈月昇 / カンナヅキノボル

Hmm... It seems possible erogamescape may just have the wrong reading here. He uses "Kannatuki" on his own blog and email. Is there any romanization system where ヅ is "tu"? (I usually always see it as either du, dzu, or zu)

Additional note: Also seems Japanese Wikipedia indicates 神奈月昇(かんなつき のぼる)


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