Tag suggestion: sun_(herald)

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Does a tag exist for artistic/personified depictions of the sun?

Some sparse examples:
post #1121095
post #1125773

Most recent example: post #1161291 (top-middle)

I'm not sure how many such posts exist,since most of them probably wouldn't be tagged with anything so specific. (sun personification doesn't turn up anything, but sun_(symbol) does).There are probably some more under sun as well

Suggestion: A sun_(herald) tag for such posts,and future posts

N.B. There's a wikipedia page about it under Sun_(heraldry)


Personification wiki said:
When a non-human character (usually furry or mecha) is made human.

Hmm, the definition I learnt at school was "the attachment of human qualities to inanimate objects (or animals)". I know that's a little irrelevant to danbooru but it makes me think: Do we have a tag for objects given human parts (but not made human)? (faces, eyes, limbs, breasts, etc.) Most of the minor characters from Banjo-kazooie are examples that come to mind (e.g. the egg in post #892995).