Tag Alias: cool_&_sexy_(idolmaster) -> cool_&_sexy

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Aliasing cool_&_sexy_(idolmaster) -> cool_&_sexy.

Reason: I don't think it needs to be specified that it's from idolmaster, there's not going to be other things tagged cool & sexy. Also similar aliases could be made for cute_&_girly_(idolmaster) -> cute_&_girly, and cosmic_&_funny_(idolmaster) -> cosmic_&_funny.

While we're on the subject, why is there an alias from idolm@ster to idolmaster? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Updated by juunigatsu no usagi

To me, being able to search for *(idolmaster) to find all variations of tags that are related to idolmaster far outweighs the (practically nonexistent) benefit of shortening the tag.

As for the idolm@ster -> idolmaster alias, I believe it is part of the policy towards plain roman titles (similarly, black★rock_shooter aliases to
black_rock_shooter, not the other way around). I don't fully agree with the policy, but it's in place nonetheless, so we're all following it.