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Same deal as the other thread, deletion appeals should only be posted here so they don't fill up the main thread listing. Only appeal things you have really, really good reason to. Frivolous appeals will only make things harder for you.


EDIT: READ THESE RULES BEFORE POSTING (also available at about:deletion_appeals):

1) Read about:mod_queue. Then read it again.

2) Use the post #xxxxx syntax to link to your images, using the ID number of the image. You can find this in the URL, as well as under "Statistics" on the left side menu on each image page.

3) You "appeal" an image, we "approve" them. If it's good. Do not ask us to "appeal" your images. You've already done that by mentioning them in the thread.

4) Never appeal a post twice. Multiple mods saw it the first time you did. They also saw it when it was first uploaded. It got its fair shot.

5) Never appeal all your deleted posts at once. Only appeal the absolute best. If all or most of your uploads have been deleted, you need to lurk more and get a better idea of what is acceptable.

6) Never expect or demand feedback or justification. You may get some, if anyone feels like providing it or has anything specific to say. However there are too many appeals and too many other things for us to do for us to have time to critique every appeal.

7) You may appeal images you did not upload.

8) Don't be an ass. Seriously. You'll just get banned. No, being polite doesn't make your image any better, but being rude does you no favors either. And if it does get you banned, appeals will be your last concern.

The deletion appeal thread is a place to bring up images you think deserve a second chance. Nothing more, nothing less.

UPDATE Sept 5 2009

Reminder on how to use this thread (see also the first post).

Paraphrased from forum #25998, regarding deletion of unneeded posts from this thread: Extraneous chatter in this thread is likely to be deleted, and in the worst cases, negative records will be left for those who ignore the rules.

The lengthiest discussion that should generally be allowed about a single appeal is:

1) Uploader lists a few appeals (always)
2) A mod explains the reasons for deletion (occasionally)
3) User replies only if the deletion/explanation was based on factually incorrect information; i.e., it was not a nude filter and here's the link on the artist's website for proof. (rarely)

End. Anything beyond that is almost never going to be needed. Maybe an "oh you're right, undeleted" if applicable. Almost everything else can be removed.

For the most part, there's no need to go beyond step 1. Uploader appeals it, we look at it, and either it gets undeleted or it doesn't. Uploaders who pursue beyond this point are generally the ones uploading terrible images or not reading the rules anyway.

I also want janitors and mods to be more polite in response to appeals. Yes, an image may be shit. But we don't necessarily have to say that. I've often thought it, but I try to let the fact that I didn't approve their appeal speak for me. Some people only really get set off if they receive an unnecessarily blunt reply.

Unfortunately, some people won't "get it" unless you're really blunt, but hopefully they can be dealt with in ways that keep appeal thread clutter to a minimum.

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FeKa said:
Also, why aren't the resize and similar options available on deleted posts?

When deleted images actually had their data deleted, there was no data to make a similarity check. Now that the data stays on the server this is no longer true however and the link could be added again.

reese said:
Could post #354596 be considered undeletion? Comparing this post to the other four I uploaded earlier, I can't see anything that would cause it to go unapproved.

Only thing I can see that's iffy about it is the jpeg artifacts.

piespy said:
When deleted images actually had their data deleted, there was no data to make a similarity check. Now that the data stays on the server this is no longer true however and the link could be added again.

I see. But what about the resize option then?

Elfenus said:
Instead of appealing for these, why don't you try to raise your quality standar and upload better things?

Please refrain for making comments that can start a shitstorm again.
If you want to bitch about his uploads, send him a PM or something.

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