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Series: Touhou - Soushitsu Kitan (Dhiea)

Japanese title: 東方喪失綺譚 (Lit. "Beautiful eastern tale of forfeiture").
Circle: 萌少女領域 (Moe Syoujyo Ryouiki).

Also known as "Touhou Legend of Lost", a full color book parody of sort to Sound Horizon's third music album "Lost" with Touhou characters. There are 4 stories: The first, second, and fourth were illustrated by Dhiea. The third was by Tian Shi Meng Mo. The covers were drawn by Dhiea.

There appeared to be a sequel to it, title "続·東方喪失綺譚~真紅ノ深淵~" released at Comiket 76 as introduced by Dhiea. The theme this time is of Sound Horizon's fourth album "Elysion" and "Abyss".

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